Statistics 2013


Total Trade Fair area

7618,5 sq.m

Exposition area

4009 sq.m

The number of visitors


Number of participants
- national




- foreign

57 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, India, Italy, Spain, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, France, Switzerland)



Distribution of visitors according to regions:


Kiev and Kiev region




Central region


Eastern region


Western region


Southern region


Northern region


Foreign countries




Position of the visitors:


Top directors


Specialist / Manager


Middle level personnel


Private entrepreneur






Distribution of visitors according to the sectors of economy:


Meat industry  


Dairy industry  


Bakery and confectionery industry  


Other (fish, grocery, etc.)


Fat-and-oil industry  


Tinned food industry


Beverages manufacturing


Agriculture and poultry






  • ACO BUILDING ELEMENTS LLC, Ukraine - producer of drainage solutions
  • AGROGEST-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry wholesale trade
  • AGRO-VECTOR LTDUkraine - supply of high quality artificial and natural casings for sausage production
  • AIR LIQUIDE UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - supply of industrial gases and technological equipment
  • ALNAT, PE, Ukraine - production and modernization of equipment for meat industry
  • AM2C, France - equipment for meat industry
  • ANTON OHLERT GMBH & CO., Germany - equipment for food industry
  • AROMAROS-M, PC, Ukraine - food ingredients
  • ART PAK LTD, Firm, Ukraine - supply of packaging solutions for meat and milk, cheese, fish industry, etc.
  • AVENTIN, PE, Ukraine - flexible packaging materials with printing, plastic bags with printing, PE film
  • BAADER, Germany - manufactures and supplies food processing machinery and installations
  • BAR ENGINEERING PLANT, PJSC, Ukraine - manufacture of equipment for food industry
  • BASIS, PE, Ukraine - develops engineering solution in packaging of friable and small piece products
  • BECHEM GmbH, Ukraine - high-performance lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • BEGARAT VERTRIEBS-UND SERVICE GMBHRepresentative office, Ukraine - meet, fish processing technological solutions
  • BERICAP, LTD, Ukraine - manufacture and sale of plastic caps and closures
  • BERTSCH-LASKA PRODUKTIONS- UND HANDELS GMBH, Austria- equipment for food industry
  • BERTSCH-LASKA UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - machinery and equipment for the food processing industry
  • BIAXPLEN, LTD, Russia - leading manufacturer of BOPP films in Russia
  • BINOVA, LLC, Ukraine - automation of business processes of food processing and retail enterprises specialized in fresh products
  • BORNEMANN JOHANN HEINRICH, Germany - pumping equipment
  • BOSPHORUS-CENTER, LTD, Ukraine -flexographic printing machines and gravure printing machines, paper shredders, extrusion equipment
  • BRESTMASH, OJSC, Belarus - capacitive equipment, containers, drums, and capacitive apparatuses, etc.
  • BREZE, PE, Ukraine - production of labeling equipment
  • BRUTTO, Magazine, Ukraine - publication about the state of the Ukrainian food market
  • CHOCOTECH GmbH, Germany - technologies for sweets industry
  • CSB-SYSTEM, LCC, Russia - industry-specific turnkey IT-solution for corporate management of enterprise resources and business processes for the food industry
  • DANSENSOR A/S, Denmark - supplier of high-quality gas instrumentation and quality control equipment
  • DANZI FORNI UKRAINE, Ukraine - supply of equipment for bakery and confectionery industry
  • DESMI A/S, Denmark - development and manufacture of pump solutions for food industry
  • DISTRIBUTION AND LOGISTICS, Ukraine - branch edition
  • DKL, LTD, Ukraine - automation equipment distribution  
  • DOMINANTA, LTD, Ukraine - represents various world leading equipment manufacturers
  • DRINKS. TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIONSMagazine, Ukraine - specialized scientific-analytical publication
  • DTS, Trading House, LLC, Ukraine - official representative of the manufacturers of polyamide casings
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for meat processing industry
  • DUNAPACK TAVRIA, Ukraine - corrugated packaging plant
  • ECI LIMITED (USA), Representation, Ukraine - the official and exclusive representative of leading manufacturers in the field of food industry
  • ECOCHIMMACH, Trade and purchasing company, Russia - production of highly effective detergents and disinfectants, etc.
  • EFFYTEC, Spain - manufacture of horizontal packaging machines
  • ELO PACK, LTD, Ukraine - development and production of a whole range of Packing - packaging equipment
  • ESELTD, Ukraine - design, manufacture, supply, installation of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning systems, freezers, coolers, heat pumps, air-conditioning systems
  • EUROALLIANCE PLUS, LLCUkraine - meat and meat products wholesale
  • EUROWATER, Ukraine - water treatment equipment
  • EVROSMAZKI, LLC, Ukraine - official distributor of Kluber Lubrication - manufacturer of lubricants
  • EXPOFORUM, Poland - promotion of Polish companies on international markets
  • FABRIKANT.UA, Ukraine - an electronic trading platform for online bidding and purchasing organization
  • FASA, Lithuania - production of packaging machines
  • FESTO, DEUkraine - delivery of pneumatic products, manipulators and electrical drives, process valves, etc.
  • FINNAH GMBH, Germany - production and delivery of packaging and processing equipment for the food, dairy and other industries
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE ONLINE (21FOOD), China - international trade portal
  • FOOD PACK SERVICE, Ukraine - vacuum packaging equipment with gas flush, soft air and other functions
  • FOOD PLANT, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry, spare parts
  • FOOD TECH ENGINEERING, LLC, Ukraine - wide range of processing equipment, accessories, consumption materials, technological stock and other products for food industry enterprises
  • FOOD UA. FOOD Technologies&Equipment, Ukraine - branch magazine
  • FOODMATE BV, the Netherlands - manufacturer of poultry processing equipment
  • FOODSERVISE DV, LLC, Ukraine - food additives
  • FOREST, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer of flavors for the food industry, as well as emulsifiers, stabilizing systems for the meat stuffing, etc.
  • FORTEX-UKRAINE, PEC, LTD, Ukraine - supply of stainless steel, shut-off and control valves, bars, tubes, joining materials, etc.
  • FRANS VERMEE GMBH, Germany - packing technologies for food industry
  • FREGAT, Ukraine - producer of wheels and casters and the official distributor of the German company TORWEGGE GmbH&Co
  • FRUTAROM UKRAINE, SE, Ukraine - supply of ingredients for meat industry
  • FUCHS MASTYLA UKRAINA, Ukraine - lubricants for all application domains in the food and beverage industries
  • GASER-EUROPA, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry
  • GRACO, Belgium - pumping equipment
  • HARCHOVYK, Newspaper, Ukraine - branch edition
  • HENNEKEN, Germany - producer of food processing equipment
  • IBP GROUP, LLCUkraine - Italian bottling lines, single machines
  • IFS UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - system of enterprise management
  • IKA® - WERKE GMBH & CO. KG, Germany - industrial equipment manufacturing for mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, wet grinding and homogenizing process
  • ILLICH & CO, Dealer Center, LLC, Ukraine - official representative in Ukraine of well- known Russian company "Kolvi" (Moscow), specialized in manufacturing of spices
  • IMEX-AGRO-SERVICE, PE, Ukraine - meat processing equipment
  • IMTOP, LTD, Ukraine - importer and distributor of gloves
  • INDEX-6 UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - design and engineering, manufacturing and installation of automated equipment for filling, capping, labeling and packaging of food and non-food products
  • INFORMBUSINESS, LTD, Ukraine - publishing and online projects
  • INTA, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - dispensers, semi-automatic and automatic machines for packaging
  • INTERMASH, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and technologies
  • INTERMIK - FOOD TECHNOLOGY, LTD, Ukraine - slaughter and processing lines, equipment for packaging and hygiene
  • INWESTPOL-CONSULTING SP. Z OO, Poland - machines and equipment for the food industry
  • ITAK, LTD, Ukraine - flexible composite polymer materials
  • ITALPACK S.R.L., Italy - packaging equipment
  • ITALSERVICE, LTD, Ukraine - sale and manufacture of equipment for drinks
  • JAI CORP LIMITED, India - manufacturer of PP/ HDPE woven sacks/ fabrics, geosynthetics, masterbatches, recycle polyester staple fiber, polypropylene staple fiber etc.
  • JUG-POLIGRAF, LTD, Ukraine - package manufacture, labels and stickers on self-adhesive paper and film Oracal, etc.
  • KEHUA FOODSTUFF MACHINERY INDUSTRY&COMMERCE CO. LTD, China - manufacture of multifunctional wafer production lines
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOYE DELO, Magazine, Ukraine - specialized magazine
  • KOMETOS OY, Finland - manufacture of equipment for food industry
  • KOMPASS UKRAINE, Ukraine - the largest B2B search portal in Ukraine
  • KOMPO, Trade House, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry
  • KRIST-UKRAINE, Ukraine - food ingredients
  • LOGRUS PVT, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • MARBA Sp. z o.o., Poland - development of process lines and equipment for fruit and vegetable, as well as food processing industry
  • MARCO PACK, Ukraine - publisher of "World of Packaging" and "World of Food" magazines
  • MASTER-PACK LTD, Ukraine - packing and packaging equipment, flexible packaging materials
  • MATIMEX - UKRAINE, JSC, Ukraine - sale, installation, commissioning, maintenance of equipment for meat industry
  • MAUTING spol. s.r.o., Czech Republic - design, projection and manufacture of food processing equipment
  • MEAT BUSINESS, Ukraine - International scientific and practical magazine for meat industry experts
  • MEAT SERVICE, Information and advertising magazine, Ukraine - informational and advertising magazine
  • MEAT TECH, PE, Ukraine - equipment for meat processing industry
  • MEGA-TEX, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry
  • MELITTO, DC, Ukraine - flexographic printing on roll materials and flexible packaging, lamination rolls
  • MERPASA, CJSC, Russia - processing and packaging automatic lines, packaging equipment and materials
  • MIKRONLOGISTIK, LTD, Ukraine  - sensors, measuring equipment
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINA, PJSC, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat industry
  • MOLOCHNOE DELO, Magazine, Ukraine - specialized edition
  • MONROL, Poland - producer of wood chips for smoking
  • MPS MEAT PROCESSING SYSTEMS, The Netherlands - slaughtering lines for cattle, pigs and sheep, cutting and deboning lines, automatic warehouse logistics and order picking systems, industrial waste water treatment systems
  • MPS VEGA, LTD, Ukraine - industrial flooring
  • MULTIVAC UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - producer of packaging equipment for MAP and vacuum
  • MYASNOE DELO, Magazine, Ukraine - specialized branch publication
  • NASHA Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat and fish industry
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - educational institution
  • NEW PROJECT SRL, Italy - machines for packaging in premade Kraft paper bags
  • NIOB FLUID UKRAINE, LLC, Ukraine - wholesale of stainless steel valves
  • NOVIY VEK, PE, Ukraine - supplier of packing equipment for food and pharmaceutical industry
  • OBORUD.INFO Equipment portal, LTD, Russia - portal of the food industry: trading, refrigerating, food, packing, warehouse and other equipment
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine - packing equipment for food and other industries
  • OMAS TECNOSISTEMI SRL, Italy - filling and capping machinery
  • OWEN VO, LTD, Ukraine - developer and manufacturer of industrial automation tools, machinery and equipment
  • PACKAIR, Ukraine - sale of air bags designed to fill voids in the pack with AIRmove®
  • PAСKING TECHNOLOGIES, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer and supplier of packing, wrapping, shrink and conveyor equipment
  • PCM, France - displacement pumps and equipment for pumping viscous and abrasive liquids
  • PETRUZALEK, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and materials for the food industry, machines for meat processing
  • POLTAVS'KYI ENGINEERING WORKS, PJSC, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • PROCOMAC GEA, Italy - complete aseptic, ESL and traditional filling lines for juices, tea, sport drinks and dairy products
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine - specialized branch edition
  • PROFI MZ, LTD, Ukraine - manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants for food processing industry
  • PROXIMA GMBH, JV, Ukraine - spices and marinades for the production of sausages and meat products
  • PSS SVIDNIK, a.s., Slovak Republic - manufacturing, installation of equipment for meat processing
  • R.P.S. LTDUkraine - sale of confectionary, baking and packing equipment
  • RID LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS UKRAINE, Ukraine - development and implementation of solutions, aimed at reducing logistic expenses
  • SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK®, LTD, Ukraine - spices, functional additives, equipment for meat, poultry and fish-processing industry, machinery for cutting, packaging, weighing and labeling of products
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands - equipment for production of mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, etc.
  • SERAC, France - design, production and sale of filling and capping machines for different industries
  • SFERA, Publishing House, Russia - b2b publication for the food industry PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY REVIEW, Magazine, Ukraine - magazine on/for pharmaceutical industry
  • SILENCE, LTD, Ukraine - wide spectrum of equipment for food industry
  • SILVERSON MACHINES, Great Britain - manufactures high shear mixers used throughout the process industries
  • SISTEMA LTD, Ukraine - industrial printers
  • SPECTRUM GMBH, LLC, Ukraine - supplier of accessories and machines for meat, fish and poultry industry, as well as machines for slicing, packing, weighing and labelling products for any industrial branches
  • STERIFLOW, France - production of horizontal autoclaves, inventor of the "water cascade" technology
  • STUDIOPACK UKRAINE LIMITED, LTD, Ukraine - producer of environmentally friendly disposable containers made of aluminum foil
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland - equipment for food industry
  • SVETLOGORSK PBP, Belarus - manufacture of crimped cardboard and cardboard boxes
  • TECHINSERV, NPE, Ukraine - meat processing equipment manufacture
  • TECHNOLOG, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGY PLUS, Ukraine - production and sales of functional food additives, flavoring compositions, supplies, etc.
  • TecnAlimentaria-EDITRICE EDF TREND SRL, Italy - branch publication
  • TETRA-OTICH, LLC, Ukraine - manufacture of equipment for dairy, fat-and-oil industry
  • TEVIS, PE, Ukraine - ceramic tiles for the food industry
  • THEEGARTEN-PACTEC GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - wrapping equipment
  • TС TECHCOM, LLC, Ukraine - wide range of components for the manufacture and repair of conveyor systems, equipment for tinned food, dairy, meat and other industries
  • UKRAINIAN CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Ukraine - detergent and disinfectant development and their production
  • UKRORGSINTEZ, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • UKRSPETSPROEKT, LLC, Ukraine - hydraulic hoses and fittings, industrial and mobile hydraulics, electromechanics, pneumatics
  • ULMA PACKAGING UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - design and manufacture of various packaging machines
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia - the leading information and business portal of the packaging industry in RuNet
  • UNIVERSAL BANK, PJSC, Ukraine - bank services
  • UPAKOVKA, JSC, Ukraine - magazine for producers and users of the packaging market
  • VACUUM BARRIER SYSTEMS, Belgium - production of liquid nitrogen dosers, cryogenic systems
  • VACUUM TECHNOLOGY, LТD, Ukraine - vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world
  • VI-VA-LTD, Firm, Ukraine - production of non-standard equipment for the food and confectionery industry
  • VOLEKS LTD, Ukraine - sale and service of equipment for meat processing and packaging equipment, packaging materials
  • VTR, LTD, Ukraine - sale of food additives and casings for all types of sausages
  • WELDING STAR, Poland - wide range of services in the field of counselling, design and realization of processing lines in production plants
  • WIPAK GMBH & CO. KG, Germany - film and packaging materials for food and other sectors
  • WORLD MEAT TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - specialized branch edition
  • ZACMI, Italy - machines and complete plants for the food industry
  • ZALTECH GMBH INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - producer of spice mixtures for the meat industry
  • ZEHABE GROUP COMPANY, Turkey - equipment for producing bakery and pasta 



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